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Sweet Preview Gallery

Easy create an image gallery with Sweet Preview Gallery that shows a preview of each image as a little thumbnail. The idea is to hover over the slider dots and make the regarding thumbnail slide into the previewer. When clicking a slider dot, the full image will slide in from the right or left side, depending on the currently viewed image.
Beside, Sweet Preview Gallery can be brought up to the full visual power of a so-called Ken Burns effect: panning, zooming and fading each image to specific points, to guide the eye of the viewer



  • Support browsers (IE6+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...)
  • Inbuilt 3 themes (Default, Dark, Light)
  • Compatible with all the 3rd party templates (All framework most popular : T3, Grantry, Yoo...)
  • Multi Instance Slideshow Support
  • Pull Images automatically from a folder
  • Comes with 4 Module Modes : Content, K2, Virtuemart, Banners
  • Unlimited Image Slideshow
  • Auto Start Slideshow ON/OFF
  • Focus Item Slideshow ON/OFF
  • Ability to link the images
  • Switch ON/OFF Description.
  • Switch ON/OFF Navigation
  • Ability to show description to main the slideshow images
  • Play with 2 styles : Slide & Kenburner Slide.
  • Comes with clear documentation
  • Show featured or random or lastest or hits...etc from different categories.
  • Adjust slideshow width and height main slider & thumbnail.
  • Allow to change transitions speed, duration, and animation transition.
  • Show / Hide title
  • Show / Hide description.
  • Limit Items will display.
  • Support opening link in: Current Window or New Window.
  • Support Mutiple Select Category
  • Support Responsive
  • Support caching to make website loads faster.
  • Support Multi-Language.

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